Greetings! Just yesterday I returned from Antigua where I had to stay for two additional days because of the storm conditions which affected the country as a result of the passing of hurricane Maria in the region. Thank God, even though the winds were strong, there were no reports of significant damage.

As you are aware, the same cannot be said of Dominica which like Barbuda has been devastated. Unfortunately, we are unable to establish contact with our leaders there. About 10 p.m. on Tuesday September 19 while still in Antigua, I made contact with the District Superintendent of the Virgin Islands District – Dr. Alsender Williams in St. Croix, to be updated on the progress of the hurricane which was expected to strike there. He reported to me then that the wind was blowing exceedingly strong.  Subsequently we have been unable to establish any contact with him to get an update on conditions.

Following discussions with the district superintendents in the affected territories and the Executive committee of the GBA, we have agreed to the collection of a sacrificial offering to be taken in all of our churches in October. We will also be shortly mobilizing our resources to extend some further assistance in kind to the affected.

Already some of the governments and people of the region have responded excellently with generous contributions to some of the affected areas. I was also informed by Dr.  Williams that some American charitable organizations have been extending generous aid especially in St. Thomas. As a church, having heard from our leaders and based on an assessment of the needs, we now stand ready to play our part in light of the resources available to us.

I wish to express appreciation to the North American Wesleyan Church officials, and the World Hope International officials for their expressed interest and pledged assistance. We have also heard from the district superintendent of the Suriname District who not only assured us of his prayers, but has indicated the intention of his district to make some financial contribution.

While in Antigua, General Secretary Rev.  Calvin Brown and I, along with the District Superintendent, Rev.  Dr.  Olson Daniel, visited one of the special shelters set up to house the Barbudans. On Sunday, most of the Wesleyans who are a part of the group worshiped at three Wesleyan churches: Sweets, St. John’s and Param.

Kindly keep us in prayer as we do the same for you.


Rev.  Cumberbatch
General Superintendent
The Wesleyan Holiness Church in the Caribbean

We need contributions to help purchase critical needs include hygiene and building supplies. The Wesleyan Church, through the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund, is partnering with World Hope to provide critical needs.

Download here to see full critical needs list.