The 14th General Conference is on the horizon and your delegate preparation through this five-part orientation series is almost complete. Thank you for giving your time and attention to this important matter! 

The final delegate orientation topic is the General Conference caucus meetings which occur Tuesday morning. 

General Conference caucuses are the mechanism through which General Board members are nominated for the next quadrennium. Between General Conference sessions, the General Board is authorized to carry out the will of the General Conference as the chief governing body for The Wesleyan Church. The General Board is elected to preserve the mission and promote the interests of the General Church. 

Delegates caucus with their geographic region to bring forward three ordained ministers and three lay members for consideration and vote of the full General Conference. Every delegate is called upon to discern people who are representative of their geographic area while bearing in mind gender, ethnic, cultural and generational variety in their selections.

You are authorized to nominate as well as vote during your area caucus. Each nominee must align with the theme of the 2022 General Conference, “Unleashed, so that all can be made new,” follow the membership leadership requirements and be willingly available to attend all meetings of the General Board. Before you make a nomination, please confirm that person’s qualification and willingness to serve. Voting for the General Board is scheduled to occur Tuesday afternoon, with installation to follow Wednesday morning. 

Geographic regions are comprised as follows: 

North Central Representative Area Caucus 

Crossroads, Great Lakes, Greater Ohio Districts 

Northeastern Representative Area Caucus  

Atlantic, Central Canada, Chesapeake, Northeast, Penn York, Western New York Districts 

Southern Representative Area Caucus 

Florida, Indiana South, Kentucky-Tennessee, North Carolina East, North Carolina West, Shenandoah, South Carolina, South Coastal Districts 

Western Representative Area Caucus 

Iowa-Minnesota, Kansas, Mountain Plains, Northwest, Pacific Southwest, Hispano Suroeste, Tri-State Districts 

Throughout delegate orientation, we have sought to reinforce the fact that your voting delegate role is critically important to the health and future of The Wesleyan Church, while helping you to feel confident in your ability to further our mission while representing your peers.  

If you missed last week’s webinars about significant memorials or want to review them, recordings of each are attached to their respective memorial items, linked below: 

Thank you for taking seriously this privilege of serving, equipping yourself and preparing for your responsibilities through prayer. 

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