Ministerial Credentialing – Frequently Asked Questions


How do I begin the process toward ordination? For information about the process of ministerial preparation, download the Ministerial Preparation Information Packet HERE. The Manual of Ministerial Preparation contains additional detailed information and may be downloaded HERE. The academic requirements chart for ordination and other credentialing is available HERE.

How do I enroll as a Ministerial Student? Enroll with Education and Clergy Development at There is a simple form to fill out and a $20 enrollment fee. The fee is waived for those who have attended one of our Wesleyan schools. Along with this ECD enrollment, please be aware that is your responsibility to obtain the recommendation of your local church board of administration and interview with your District Board of Ministerial Development if you are interested in the Special Worker or Pre-Ordination track. (Lay Ministers need only the recommendation of their church board, and Personal Enrichment students are not required to obtain church or district approval.)

What courses are needed to academically qualify for a district license? There are six classes that are required: Old Testament Intro, New Testament Intro, Wesleyan Church History/Discipline, Intro to Theology, Intro to Homiletics, and Church Leadership/Management.

How do I submit my transcripts for evaluation for ministerial education credit? Courses from accredited institutions or denominational course of study programs may be used to grant credit for ordination requirements. Have your official transcripts emailed to or mailed to: Education and Clergy Development, 13300 Olio Rd., Fishers, IN 46031. We require the first and last submissions from an institution to be official transcripts, directly from the school. While attending, periodic submissions may be unofficial, sent by the student. Credits will be posted on ministerial preparation transcripts and can be viewed online at your record in the Student Portal.

Have my transcripts been received and reviewed? Check on the Student Portal for credits posted (; sign up for an account at If you don’t see expected credits, email an inquiry to

Why was credit not granted from my school transcript? Courses must receive a grade of C or better to be granted credit on your ministerial student transcript.  For other inquiries, you may email ECD may ask you to send a course description or syllabus for the course in question. This will help in any reconsideration of an evaluation. We will respond as soon as we are able.

Why is my course grade not showing on my ECD transcript? Allow 3 – 4 weeks after a course is completed unless a specific request for expedited grading had been requested. Then contact the school or professor first to confirm submission of the grade. Contact ECD if a grade was submitted but has not been posted.

After I complete my licensing or ordination requirements, how long will it take for ECD to report to my district? When we receive grades from a class you have completed, we normally record those within 3-4 days. When a certification date is entered, the information will be automatically sent to your district.  This status is also available online to you and your district immediately upon processing.

Will Education and Clergy Development periodically send me a copy of my ministerial education transcript? No. Ministerial Preparation transcripts are available online at the Student Portal ( You will need to register for an account at See instructions below.

What is the Student Portal? How do I register for a Student Portal account? The Student Portal will be a help to you in tracking your academic progress. When you register for a Student Portal account you will have the ability to view your Student Record and view, print or download your individual transcript. Your district DBMD leadership also has online access to your file to and can keep informed of your academic progress. There are multiple informational documents and forms available on the “Forms” tab. To set up an account and access the Education and Clergy Development Student Portal:

  • Go to and fill out the form.
  • Enter a username, your name, email and password information, and click “Submit.”
  • You will receive a request for confirmation at the email address you provided. Click on the link.
  • Go to the Student Portal at and login with your email and password.
  • Fill out the form with your contact information and choose the “Transcripts for Ministerial Students” check box for Access Request.
  • Wait for an emailed confirmation that will be sent when your account has been approved. This may take a few days.

As you view your records, please notify us of any changes that need to be made. We have placed an “Email E&CD” button on the Bio tab of your records to make it easy for you to send us updated information.

I cannot get into my Student Portal account. Where do I find help? Email

Where can I find information about non-traditional course options (schedule, cost, syllabi, locations, etc)? Go to the Pathways to Ministry page at for information and links to various options to complete ordination requirements. You may also check out Thriving Clergy Ministry Training Programs online at There you may search for scheduled course offerings or by program.

How do I register for correspondence courses? Information and registration for  ECD approved courses offered through Kingswood Extended  is available HERE.

How do I get credit for the Supervised Ministry requirement? Information and the registration agreement form are found at the “Forms” tab on the Student Portal. There is also an Application for Supervised Ministry Credit form. Please note that both forms need the signature and approval/recommendation of your DBMD.

I have ministry experience. Can I get credit for this? Yes, you may be able to get credit for ministry experience/independent study. It’s called “Credit by Portfolio.” You can download the information packet for this on the Patways to Ministry page, found HERE.

I am 32 and thinking about going the Commissioned Minister route. Is this possible? The Commissioned Minister’s track for ministry requires that you must be 40 years of age or older, be a district licensed minister and have the permission of your DBMD.

I have a friend who is sensing God’s call into the ministry. How can I help her? The Ministerial Preparation Packet will be a very useful tool for those interested in ministry, found HERE. You may give the link to your friend or print out the packet for her. It will help identify the process of ministerial training in the Wesleyan Church, give them an opportunity to enroll with our office, and will give them guidance for their future training.

Do you offer some kind of college degree with your courses? No. We are not a college or an accredited institution. Our courses are offered solely to meet the ordination, commissioning, and licensing requirements of the Wesleyan Church. If you are interested in a degree you should begin a dialogue with one of our five Wesleyan Colleges.

I am a lay person who wants to take some classes for personal enrichment. Can I document courses I take with Education and the Ministry? Yes, we welcome you to do this. Simply enroll with us and choose “Personal Enrichment” as your track. We can document your courses on a Personal Enrichment transcript.  However, please be aware that most of the classes are geared towards someone preparing for pastoral ministry.