Ministerial Preparation: A call to Ministry 


The call to ministry is an exciting journey, yet there will be challenges along the way.

For those just beginning this journey there is an online enrollment form available to help you begin this process. The Manual of Ministerial Preparation is one guide which will make the path to ministry more understandable. Students can use the academic requirements chart as a quick reference guide to the courses required for credentialing in the Wesleyan Church.


Ministerial students will find that they have several options to completing requirements for credentials including attending one of our Wesleyan Colleges/Universities, approved seminaries, non-accredited ordination programs, or district extensions. If you are beginning ministerial studies, specialized lay ministry training, or transferring ordination to the Wesleyan Church, then be sure to Enroll Online HERE for Ministerial Preparation.

Districts play a critical role in the development of ministers through the leadership of the district superintendent and the counsel of the District Board of Ministerial Development. The DBMD is entrusted with the nurture and development of ministers in training and those in service to the church. Feel free to browse the organizational and ministry functions of the DBMD which are contained in the Manual of Ministerial Preparation and the basic instruction for ministerial students in the Ministerial Preparation Packet. The DBMD interviews, evaluates, and advises ministerial students by using sets of report forms. Education and Clergy Development offers training presentations as a resource to DBMD’s to enhance their ministry. It is vital that channels of communication be kept open between pastors, district superintendents, District Boards of Ministerial Development, and our colleges regarding the progress and promise of ministers in training.

Below you will find resources for your journey into ministry.

Transferring Ministers

We welcome those who have interest in finding a place of ministry within The Wesleyan Church, who agree with us in doctrine and spirit, and believe God is leading them to join hands with us in fulfilling our mission in the world. The academic preparation of transferring ministers will be evaluated as to its equivalency to the course of study prescribed for ministry in The Wesleyan Church, with every effort to recognize the level of service they held in the denomination from which they transferred. Study of denominational history and polity (C35 Wesleyan Church History/Discipline) and theology (C42 Doctrine of holiness) is required of all transferring ministers who seek ministry in The Wesleyan Church. The Department of Education and Clergy Development annually provides an online live classroom experience – FLAME – in which these courses are taught. These courses may also be taken through the correspondence courses from our office or at a Ministerial Training Program class offered by your district.

The process begins with a Transfer Application and supporting documents submitted to the General Superintendent’s Office.  This application is to be submitted with the recommendation of a Wesleyan District Superintendent.  Download the application HERE.

Supervised Ministry

The program of supervised ministry consists of one year (twelve months) of ministry in an approved setting under the supervision of a more experienced pastor. The year will be organized in three trimesters, each consisting of four months. Each trimester will have a set of unique requirements, as well as a set of standard expectations which apply to all trimesters. If you complete the entire supervised ministry requirement outside of college or seminary, you must complete the total curriculum as outlined. If you have already completed one or two units of supervised ministry in school before registering for the Supervised Ministry course, you will begin with the curriculum for the corresponding trimester. (For example: If you have completed one term previously, you will begin with the second trimester – C52). Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by appeal to Education and the Ministry The process of becoming equipped for ministry is a very important and demanding one. The task is really three-fold; the development of the heart, the mind, and the hand. A heart for the ministry is developed by the grace of God, by the faith and commitment of the person, and by the nurture of the Church. A mind for the ministry is developed as you and God work together in the process of disciplined study of His Word, His people, and the various subjects which help you do the work of ministry more effectively. The District Board of Ministerial Development and/or the person it has designated as Coordinator of Supervised Ministry will help you in establishing a satisfactory supervised ministry placement, selecting a supervising pastor, overseeing the supervisory relationship between you and your supervisor, and reporting to the Supervised Ministry instructor. The District Coordinator of Supervised Ministry will receive various reports from you in the course of each trimester. The District Coordinator must complete and submit a final evaluation and recommendation concerning your experience to the Supervised Ministry instructor at the conclusion of the last term of your supervised ministry experience.

For your supervised ministry placement, you will be assigned to a supervising pastor who will be a mentor to you throughout the experience. You will arrange the details of your assignment and spend significant time in supervisory sessions with your field supervisor. The supervisor will be someone with significant experience in ministry who can model for you what it means to be an effective pastor. He or she will also be willing to invest time and energy into your development as a minister. The supervising pastor needs to be an ordained minister and must have the approval of the DBMD to serve as a supervisor.

To register for Supervised Ministry, find the Registration Agreement form HERE. In addition to your supervising pastor and the District Coordinator of Supervised Ministry, you will submit a number of assignments and reports to theSupervised Ministry instructor. This instructor serves in a manner similar to any other Wesleyan correspondence course instructor. He or she receives and evaluates the Supervision Logs and Trimester Reports/Evaluations from the supervising pastor. The instructor submits your final grade for each trimester.

There is an Application for Supervised Ministry Credit for those who have already spent significant time in ministry under the supervision and mentoring of an experienced pastor. This can be found on the Forms tab of the Student Portal or you can download it HERE.  The application will need to be reviewed by the DBMD, and returned to ECD with a signature and recommendation.

Hay una aplicación para solicitar crédito de Ministerio Supervisado para aquellos que han pasado tiempo significativo en el ministerio bajo la supervisión y tutoría de un pastor experimentado. Esta aplicación se puede encontrar en los formularios del portal de estudiantes o puede descargarla AQUÍ. La solicitud tendrá que ser revisada por el DBMD, y devuelta a ECD con una forma y recomendación.

Ministerial Student Portal

Easily access your educational files from your computer or mobile device. Once you have registered for your account with Education and Clergy Development you will have opportunity to see your current information and status. You will also have the opportunity to view, print or download your individual transcript. This means you will have 24/7 access to the current information on your file.

To register, go to Enter your name, email and password information, type in the displayed characters for authorization and click “Submit.” You will receive a request for confirmation at the email address you provided. Click on the link. Go to and login with your email and password. Fill out the form with your contact information and choose the “Transcripts for Ministerial Students” check box for Access Request. You will not be able to login and view your information until you receive an emailed confirmation that your account has been approved. This may take a few days.

Ordination Chart

A visual Chart that shows the steps to Ordination in the Wesleyan Church.  Download the Chart to Ordination HERE

Manual of Ministerial Preparation

To download the Manual of Ministerial Preparation click HERE.

Early Ministry Initiative- Residencies

The Early Ministry Initiative exists to create a network of churches, thought leaders, and lead practitioners who will provide effective apprenticeship, internship and mentoring programs for new ministers in order to develop healthy, fit and effective ministers from the beginning of their ministry. For more information:

Submitting your Transcripts

To have your college/seminary official transcripts submitted to Education & Clergy Development for evaluation, you may have them mailed from the school to:

Education & Clergy Development
13300 Olio Rd, Suite 100
Fishers, IN 46037

Or E-mailed from the school to:

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