To continue improving The Wesleyan Church communications with first-time and consistent web visitors, an updated official website and a new web resource were launched September 25, 2017.

Updates to include navigation changes, videos called “Made New Stories” showcasing TWC’s hope and optimistic view of God’s grace, and the Voices blog elevating the many different voices of our movement. The core ministries directory, news, events and other resources are still available.

“When the project began, one goal was to feature free church resources allowing Church leaders to share original content,” said Chief Creative Director Kory Pence. “The result is the creation of, a dedicated space for curating theologically Wesleyan and unapologetically holistic resources. We want to move people from making decisions to trust Christ to actively following Jesus in close discipleship communities. Anyone from volunteer to leader can filter and discover relevant resources to equip them to serve as God has called them.

“The Church at large will continue to contribute to these expanding resources,” Pence added. “This initiative, like so many of our Wesleyan efforts, is only accomplished through collaboration. We are excited about the ability to introduce our first-time visitors to The Wesleyan Church while sharing free resources for unleashing the church’s mission.”

Come explore!