“O sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things” (Ps. 98:1) has become our anthem for this new phase in Wesley Seminary history as we reflect on the “marvelous things” and look forward to singing “a new song” for a new day.

Wesley Seminary, located in Marion, Indiana, has enjoyed serving The Wesleyan Church as its only seminary for the past nine years. In these years the Lord has already done many marvelous things.

God has brought incredible people to our seminary family:

  • approximately 1,000 graduates including our first international graduation in Bogota, Colombia (summer 2017)
  • 40 percent Wesleyan students
  • representation from 38 other denominations and 11 countries
  • nearly 40 percent of our student population is female
  • students ranging in age from 21 to 80

He has helped us serve the global local church and advance the kingdom through graduate theological education with degrees in both English and Spanish:

  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Arts in Ministry
  • Master of Practical Theology
  • Master of Arts in Ministry in Practical Ministry (Wesleyan ordination degree)
  • Master of Theological Studies (July 2018 and also in French)
  • Doctor of Ministry

We rejoice with the “marvelous things” the Lord has already done and look forward to what he has in store for our future.

The seminary’s mission to equip the called and to serve as The Wesleyan Church’s only denominational seminary is a mission we steward with reverence. We stand on the shoulders of the thoughtful leaders from the past who dared to imagine what we have become and are becoming. A seminary that:

  • serves the global local church
  • provides integrated and application-driven curriculum
  • welcomes the non-traditional seminary student
  • embodies diversity
  • supports the role of women in ministry
  • holds in tension high academic standards with practical ministry application
  • keeps its eyes on the reality of the church in culture today and the needs we will face tomorrow
  • desires to come along side those called to support, equip, invest, and develop so they can serve with excellence

We recognize that the responsibility is great and the need is greater. The Wesleyan Church has the opportunity to speak words of life, love and hope into a world that is searching and seeking for Light. Wesley Seminary is privileged to be a vital means in preparing global leaders to respond to the need.

Oh, Lord, teach us a new song to sing for you have already done marvelous things and there is so much more yet to be done!