It is significant that Jesus prayed from the cross. While experiencing the worst torture a human being could endure, he prayed.

Most of us, in such moments of anguish, would succumb to the suffering. Our prayers would be diminished to one word: “Help!” Reflecting on the worst moments of my life, I must admit “Help!” is the most sincere prayer I’ve ever uttered.

Yet, Jesus went beyond a prayer for help at Golgotha. His prayers from the cross reveal the intensity of his pain–yet, a deep love pouring from his heart. Instead of being consumed with himself, he turned his focus to God and others.

The old adage states, “We all have our cross to bear.” In our moments of anguish, we can look to Jesus, and see how he responded in his darkest valley. A review of Good Friday events shows that Jesus did three things:

  • He pressed into prayer.
  • He poured out love.
  • He surrendered all to God.

What an example for us! In deep sorrow and suffering, we, too, can press into prayer, pour out love, and surrender all to God.

The prayers of Christ from the cross serve as an excellent model for our praying during this Holy Week:

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do (Luke 23:34).

Are you holding bitterness and resentment in your heart? Who has wronged you? Are you struggling to forgive? If you can’t bring yourself to forgive them, ask God to do the forgiving for you. Forgiveness is for our own benefit. Carrying resentment is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person will die.

Today you will be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).

Who is lost, broken, and hurting? Pray for those who are suffering from their own decisions. Rather than judge them, love them. Remember we all need grace, and our past mistakes do not necessarily dictate our future. Focus on the life beyond this life, and how God’s love draws us to where we need to be. Trust those who are wandering to God’s care.

Behold your mother (John 19:26-27).

Are you so consumed with your own pain that you are neglecting those closest you? What do your dearest loved ones need from you? Do you know how they’re doing? Pray for them. Love them deeply. Show them your concern.

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me (Mat. 27:46, Mark 15:34)?

Admit your deep despair and loneliness. Where and when do you feel rejected and forsaken? This prayer comes from Psalm 22. Remind yourself that Psalm 23 follows immediately. We are never alone. In the darkest valley, God is with us.

I thirst (John 19:28).

What is your deep seated thirst? What do you think you need to survive? Thirst for praise? Thirst for acceptance? Thirst for significance? Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

It is finished (John 19:30).

What needs finishing in your life? What have you begun, but not completed? What is God’s calling for you–his unique mission? Are you following it? If not, what stands in the way? What parts of you are still “under construction?” Be patient with others, as they are still under construction too. “Be patient with me. God is not finished with me yet.”

Into your hands I commit my spirit (Luke 23:46).

What do you need to release into God’s hands? Have you been trying to control outcomes and other people? Let them go. Release them into the hands of your loving father. Are you concerned about your future? Your past? Are you confused about your present situation? Are you struggling emotionally? Spiritually? Relationally? Physically? Surrender all to God.

Rev. Mark O. Wilson serves as senior pastor at Hayward Wesleyan Church, in Hayward, Wisc.