Full Strength Network Partnership with Education and Clergy Development

Full Strength Network (FSN)–an organization created in 2015 to strengthen pastors and their families–has selected The Wesleyan Church to be a pilot denomination for “PastorWell,” a holistic program of services built to help pastors thrive. “Full Strength Network really is becoming a national leader in providing resources and support for clergy well-being,” said Dave Higle, Director of Education and Clergy Development (ECD). 

Because Full Strength Network shares the same six domains of health–spiritual, emotional, relational, physical, intellectual, financial–set forth by ECD, partnering with FSN around PastorWell is a natural fit in The Wesleyan Church’s vision for healthy, fit, and effective pastors. 

As a PastorWell pilot denomination, Wesleyan clergy will enjoy affordable access to qualified, vetted coaches, counselors, financial planners, and peer groups, among other services (like MinistryPulse app for tracking wellbeing and a guide to pastoral retreat and vacation locations). Some districts within The Wesleyan Church have started testing PastorWell’s services with the guidance of their Thriving Clergy Coordinators. So far, those involved report that PastorWell adds significant value to their pursuit of healthy rhythms, especially when most pastors find themselves ministering in new, pandemic-shaped ways. 

PastorWell is a subscription-based service; clergy can enroll on their own behalf, or churches might purchase a subscription for their pastor. The affordability of the service (a full year is similar in cost to a single counseling session) lowers the financial barrier to high-quality services that empower pastors to be healthier people.

In these days when clergy face increased workloads to reimagine their congregations’ role in their communities, proper well-being is even more important.  “Sometimes pastors don’t avail themselves of things until there is a crisis; we’re trying to encourage pastors to be thinking ahead about what kinds of habits of mind and heart they can begin to make part of their life before there’s a crisis,” said Dr. Dave Higle, Director of ECD. 

For more information on Full Strength Network, PastorWell, and how to utilize the services provided, click here